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Check Out The 91st Academy Awards Nominations

The 91st Oscar nominations were announced this morning in a presentation by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. We have the full list of all the most noteworthy people and films up for the coveted Academy Award.

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Machete Kills: Lots of Big Names Up To Vigilantism

Machete is back and according to the title, this time he kills (which is pretty much what he did in the first movie, but who am I to judge the film’s title). The first Machete film was a fun enough little romp through mexiploitation, with Machete getting framed for murder. Danny Trejo was however not the star in this film and he played the strong, semi silent type while the rest of the cast chewed up the scenery around him.  Maybe now with Machete Kills it’s time for Danny to be let loose on the screen with wall to wall machete action. Here is the plot layout and again it seems a great and can we go so far as to say very cheesy OTT story that only Machete can sort out.

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Grizzly Ear Bombs: Our Music Picks for 9/17/2012

As you may recall from last week’s Ear Bombs, I hate writing intros. I really do. I have two options this week. I can either write about our guest contributor, Milla Goldenberg, who has stuff published in the New York Times, or I can write about how the 49ers defeated the Lions  the Lions was straight up slaughtered by the 49ers the *********************************** on Sunday. Decisions decisions. Hmmmmmmm…. I’m opting for the latter, just to piss Dr. Kronner off. Plus, I’m a ****** fan. ******** ************** ************** ************* ********** ************* ********** ******************* ******** *********** ***** ******** ************** ****** ******** ********* ******** ********* *********** ********* *********** ******* ******* ******  ******************** ******* ***** ******** ************* ******** ****** ***** ********** ******** ********* **** ****** [Ed. Note – Oops. Looks like this time Doc is redacting for reals.]

[Further Edit: Basically, picture me talking about how Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson of the Lions choked, and how I’m a fan of the 49ers. Yea, pretty much it. Let Dr. Kronner know that facts are hard to swallow in the comments section below, or bomb us on twitter and Facebook to voice out against censorship. 49ers for life.]

JasonDaPsycho, Editor of Grizzly Ear Bombs

Milla Goldenberg – The Milla Times

Killer Mike – Reagan

The first time I heard this song and watched the fan-submitted video (you should do both together, trust me), I got chills that only dissipated with further hits of the replay button. Killer Mike has been around for a long time, and I’m ashamed to admit that I only recently discovered him, though I’ve become a devoted fan quickly. The rest of his work is equally chill-inducing, socially conscious, lyrically brilliant and quite radio-friendly. It’s a wonder why he doesn’t receive more airplay. (Wait, scratch that, it’s pretty clear why.) Check out the rest of the album, which has easily cemented a place on my Best Albums of 2012 list.

Rest of album: HERE

[Editor’s Note: Some of you may want to check out Immortal Technique if you like Killer Mike.]

Dank feat. Non (Shadowhuntaz) – Bath Salts

This is another one of those much-watch-video-with-song situations, neither of which is disappointing. In three-and-a-half minutes, the video manages to capture all the essential elements that make a great horror film: sex, blood, dismemberment and a psychotic killer with big hair. The cannibalism and B-movie feel are really just bonuses. And the song? It’s unlike anything you’ve heard before, sounding both retro and futuristic at the same time. There’s an arcade, press-your-luck feel to it, which is fitting when considering the subject matter of this new drug that may or may not make you want to eat people. It’s a brilliant achievement from Non (from Shadowhuntaz fame), another artist who deserves more recognition.

The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots: Part 1

It’s the story of Yoshimi – a black belt in Karate. She works for the city, and her job is to protect us from the evil Robots that threaten everyday life in an attempt to eat us…for sustenance? Anyway, The Flaming Lips received pretty universal praise for this when it was released way back in 2002. I had all but forgotten about the song, like so much else from college, and was thrilled when I again stumbled across it recently. Everyone loves a hero…

Alice Cooper – I Never Cry

My heart’s a virgin, it never been tried. Though hes floundered a bit in the decades since, Alice Copper was damn impressive in the 1970’s. And while this is one of his softer songs, it was an important one. Written about his own alcoholism, I Never Cry was obviously a very personal piece. It doesn’t get much radio play, but it’s worth a listen – particularly the chorus. Nice change of pace from most of his hits, probably most closely relatable to Only Women Bleed, which is another great one.

Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence

I’m a huge goddamned fan of 80’s New Wave. Seriously. I’m totally gay for anything with a thumping synth bass, poppy beat, with monotone lyrics about love or drugs sung over it. Depeche Mode is arguably the quintessential 80’s New Wave band, and I tend to listen to a lot of their music since it’s so varied in tone. Particularly this song, every time I hear it, I feel compelled to sing its lyrics as loudly as possible. This compulsion usually happens only when I’ve ingested large amounts of alcohol, but still. Great song. The video is weird though. Can’t defend that.

Visage – Fade to Grey

As with New Wave, I love all of its spinoff genres, up to and especially New Romantic. What is New Romanticism you may ask? Basically, you take the sound of new wave, and add a bunch of weirdo bullshit to that’s all vaguely tied around the idea of fashion. It’d be like if you took Lady Gaga back in time, gave her talent, and made her music listenable, and not a horrific fraud made by marketing companies to exploit a gay fan base. So really, just a bunch of kooky dudes in gaudy outfits. Think of Boy George, Duran Duran, or Spandau Ballet and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about. What was I talking about? Right. Visage was a New Romantic band back then, and this song was probably their biggest hit. If you ask me, its beat and rhythm still hold up today. I could see a DJ or rapper sampling the beat from the background pretty effectively and making a huge hit out of it. That being said, I prefer it as it is to my imaginary cover version by Kanye West.

Bruno AKA Bruce Willis – Comin’ Right Up

If Bruce Willis was a bar man rather than a kick ass film star, he would be the best darn barman in the world. Yes even cooler than Tom Cruise in Cocktail. You see his song Comin’ Right Up lays it all out for you. Like the hits of Nik Kershaw and The Flaming Lips, Bruno has gone for the story approach to this song which is something I love in a track. I love figuring out where the story will take us but it’s pretty easy to see in this particular song. Let’s just say Bruno is not engaging in any epic quest! The song starts with Bruno serving a nervous, alone lady in a bar he is working at, he gets her number, has dinner with her and we are to assume that the magic happens shortly after. The tune is incredibly catchy with a nice mix of drums and sax. This is a point many people will probably argue with, but I think Bruce Willis is a great singer, raw and tuneful. He manages to conjure up an image of himself for the listener, he’s at the bar, a mix of his character’s from Moonlighting and the cheeky qualities of Hudson Hawk, all in all classic Bruce. Cocky, cool and frikking awesome. It’s the throw away lines I like, for example “I’ll be right with you”. You can imagine he is giving you a crafty wink when he says it and all is good with the world. Hell I would wait for hours to be served by Bruce Willis at a bar, which in all honestly is pretty much how long I have to wait normally, waving my money about like an electrocuted gibbon, pleading for them to take my cash instead of serving the attractive lady directly behind me. At least in Bruno’s bar I would get a full drink and a crafty wink with my service!

Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares For Me

This great song from 1958 was a pretty unknown hit for Nina until it was used in a Chanel No 5 advert in the 1980’s. It really makes no difference however because if a song is done well it becomes timeless. This song is just that. With a slow toe tapping beat Nina’s distinctive vocals filter out of your sound system as smooth as can be. It’s a pretty simple song about how one chap loves his woman and does not really care about anything else that’s happening. It’s the simple nature that makes it so catchy, much like James Browns track “This is a Man’s World” it has a repetitive nature which makes it flow so much better. Nina is a truly amazing singer, she leaves you with a warm feeling inside while listening to this, like everything is okay with the world. How could you possibly top this tune you ask? Well how about seeing it performed by a Claymation black cat with her hapless adoring fan desperately trying to get into the club to see her. That’s how I first encountered this song through the wonders of Aardman Animations and it has stuck with me ever since. [Editor’s Note: Someone listening to Nina Simone in 2012? There is a god out there somewhere.]

Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils – Secondhand Store

I’ve had a huge not-so-secret crush on Ian Moore for the better part of the last fifteen years. He burst onto the Austin music scene as a Stevie Ray Vaughan-style blues guy: epic solos; standard, twelve-time basslines; sweeping lyrics about big skies and deliverance. Then, after dumping his record label (Capricorn) and branching out into more Leonard Cohen/Elvis Costello territory (the label reacted with a resounding “no”), Moore plunged into relative mainstream obscurity, playing gigs mostly in the Austin and Seattle areas. An occasional tour stop in Michigan or Chicago was how I was able to catch him (and I did, every freaking time), and I preach the Ian Moore gospel whenever I get a chance. Now, with a new backing band, he’s ripping up the indie powerpop “charts” with cuts from his latest record “El Sonido Nuevo.” Luckily for rock n’ roll fans, he and his band played a live set for Seattle’s KEXP in May of 2011. If “Secondhand Store” doesn’t get your head bobbing or your air guitar going, at least you can peep the drummer from the Foo Fighters sitting in on the set.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band w/ Eddie Vedder – Darkness on the Edge of Town

Chicagoans got a treat last weekend when the Boss called Eddie Vedder up onstage to join in on “Darkness on the Edge of Town.” What still kills me is that Bruce—like Paul McCartney and pretty much no one else out there—can still make magic onstage into, well, let’s call it his golden years. Already 62, Springsteen’s touring schedule is as intense as ever, with another leg of his Wrecking Ball tour starting back up in a month. Darkness has a decidedly different feel here than its studio cut, recorded nearly 40 years ago. Vedder adds a gravelly quality that mimics contemporary Bruce, and they complement each other and the song even more than Bruce did back in ‘68. The result is rocking, rare, and, most of all, magical.

Songify This – Oh My Dayum

Not your traditional “song” but I dare you to not get this stuck in your head. Not only is entertaining but it is also informative. Before I listened to this song, I had no idea what the difference between a weak burger and a strong burger was. It also is a great example of how “skinamarinky dinky dink” can be worked into anything, even a song about a cheeseburger.

Elbow – Open Arms

Elbow performed at the iTunes festival last week, so their live music is forward in my brain recently. They are a band that I will never get tired of seeing. Their albums are the the most listened to in my library. Not a day goes by that I don’t enjoy the lyrics of Guy Garvey and the music of the boys of elbow. They are amazing. I picked this song because I’m about to head out the door for an 18-hour round trip drive and Open Arms is a great song to put on repeat and just sing along to at the top of your lungs. It makes the miles seem like they just fly by.

New Images for ‘Machete Kills’: Lady Gaga & Alexa Vega

Robert Rodriguez is currently in the middle of making Machete Kills, the sequel to Machete – starring Danny Trejo as the machete wielding Machete (…aaah! Too many machetes!).

It will also see the acting debut of Lady Gaga. Both she and Rodriguez are excited by this, if their tweets are anything to go by (as reported by The Hollywood Reporter). So here is her character poster, as ‘La Chameleon’ (image via I Watch Stuff).

It’s subtle and understated for her. Only the one dead animal wrapped around her.

Machete Kills is the second in a planned trilogy – and, technically, a spin-off from the Spy Kids films. It picks up from the first film with the title character mourning his lost love – so says the films website – then he is recruited by the US president to take down a cartel leader before he fires a missile at America.

It will star – along side Trejo – Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Vanessa Hudgens, Sofia Vergara, Mel Gibson (as the cartel leader), Charlie Sheen (as the US president) and Alexa Vega as Killjoy.

Vega was, of course, in the Spy Kids movies (the first of which was 11 years ago). And now here she is – all grown up – in costume for this new movie.  The picture was posted to Instagram and Twitter, and is now all over the internet (image via Starburst).

I’ve posted this at the end because, quite frankly, I knew nothing else I wrote would be read otherwise. You’re not even reading this are you? And who can blame you. Look boobs.