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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Reaction to CBS’s ‘Elementary’

As you may recall, back at the start of the year we reported that CBS announced that it was to make a modern-day telling of Sherlock Holmes (after the BBC refused them the right to make a version of their show, Sherlock) to be called Elementary. It is to star Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson (!) and be set in New York – because the thing Sherlock Holmes stories always lacked was a female Watson and American accents…

Well now star of Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, has had his say in an interview with Short List Magazine (via Uproxx):

What do you make of the new US modern Sherlock Holmes adaptation, Elementary?

Jonny [Lee Miller] asked me if I was all right with him doing it. I said, “What are the similarities?” And he went, “Well it’s modern…” I went, “Oh.” Then he said, “Lucy Liu’s going to play Joan Watson…” And I went, “Oh.” I got hold of the pilot script just to check it out. I don’t know, we’ll see. I think there’s room for us both to coexist. I don’t feel threatened by it and I wish him the best, which is as diplomatic as I can be.

It’s a strange position to be in…

It’s very odd. I did say, “Well, I’d prefer you didn’t do it but you’ve got a kid to feed, a nice house in LA and a wife to keep in good clothes.” When you get used to a certain standard of living and they waft a pay cheque at you, what are you going to do? I think Jonny was like, “Mate, I’ve got the f*cking mountain to climb here [to reach the acclaim of Sherlock], you’ve got nothing to fear.” I wish him the best of luck, but I’m a bit cynical about why they’ve chosen to do it and why they cast him.

And that is a polite way of saying that it’s a really bad idea and they’re all just doing it for the money.

This can only be a colossal bad idea. It’s just going to be another dumb TV detective show – which we need like we need syphilis. So, we can now only wait for this inevitable train wreck to happen and hope that it’s death is swift and painless.


TV Fall Schedules: One Big Fat Update

ABC, NBC and CBS’s fall schedules overall seem disappointing to me, some more than others (I’m looking at you, ABC!) There are a few that look promising. Nevertheless, here they are… the good, the bad, and the honky-tonk. (SupaScoot here. I’ll give you my thoughts along the way with the pictures cause I like to step all over other people’s articles. Sorry Michelle... I’m not sorry) 


Last Resort:

This is a thriller that takes place in a submarine 500 feet beneath the ocean’s surface, and then an exotic island. This, I will not be watching. The ocean terrifies me.

[Doc – It’s a Shawn Ryan show starring Andre Braugher and T-1000. I will be watching.]


This show looks absolutely terrible. Nashville is about a washed-up country singer who pairs up with a young country star. Not only does the plot sound terrible like a Lifetime movie… but it stars Hayden Panettiere. Pass.

Nothing about this looks good. Except Connie Britton. You look good, Connie.

How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life:

I know that I sound cynical, but this show doesn’t look like a winner. I love Sarah Chalke, but I am already bored with the plot. A single mom moves in with her parents. It’s all been done. [Doc: Drink 7-Up] 

Holy shit. Jon Dore? Orlando Jones? Becky 2? This should be like electric dynamite… but won’t be.

666 Park Avenue:

This one looks like it might be interesting. 666 Park Avenue is one of those “Be careful what you wish for” shows. I know that’s been done, but this seems slightly more exciting than that. An apartment building, which is run by evil and supernatural forces, exchanges all of your hopes and wildest dreams in exchange for your soul. I will probably watch this.


It seems this show has been pushed to next summer. There’s not much to say about it, just that it has a scantily clad Alyssa Milano and lesbians. Oh hey, look! It won you over.

No. Bad ABC. Bad ABC. Although… I do like girls. Okay, I’ll watch.

Zero Hour:

This is a conspiracy show, which means I will most likely check it out. Zero Hour is about a man who is the editor for a magazine for skeptics for 20 years, and then is pulled into a bizarre conspiracy.

Hey, it’s that guy. With conspiracies.

Family Tools:

A guy takes over a small business. Is there more to this? I hope so.

Oh come on. Reba was good in ‘Tremors’. That was it. Let it go.[/caption]

The Neighbors:

This show is about a family who, after moving into the suburbs, realizing all of their neighbors are aliens. This might be funny.

I want to watch ‘Twister’

Here is the full schedule:

8/7c: Dancing with the Stars
10/9c: Castle

(In January)
8/7c: The Bachelor

8/7c: Dancing with the Stars Results Show
9/8c: Happy Endings
9:30/8:30c: Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23
10/9c: Private Practice

(In January)
8/7c: How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) (New)
8:30/7:30c: The Family Tools (New)

8/7c: The Middle
8:30/7:30c: Suburgatory
9/8c: Modern Family
9:30/8:30c: The Neighbors (New)
10/9c: Nashville (New)

8/7c: Last Resort (New)
9/8c: Grey’s Anatomy
10/9c: Scandal

8/7c: Shark Tank
9/8c: Primetime: What Would You Do?
10/9c: 20/20

(In November)
8/7c: Last Man Standing
8:30/7:30c: Malibu Country (New)
9/8c: Shark Tank
10/9c: Primetime: What Would You Do?

8/7c: Saturday Night College Football

7/6c: America’s Funniest Home Videos
8:00/7:00c: Once Upon a Time
9/8c: Revenge
10/9c: 666 Park Avenue (New)




This is based on a true story of a Las Vegas sheriff bringing order to the sin city. Vegas takes place in the 1960s, and stars Dennis Quaid. You can count on me watching this.

This is me not watching.[/caption]

Elementary: (As Explained Here)

This is a TV movie about Sherlock Holmes cases in New York City. It looks completely uninteresting to me, but then again, it has neither singing nor Mariska Hargitay.

Watch ‘Sherlock’ instead. Trust me. Benedict Cumberbatch

[Doc – I’m with Scoot here, eff this show. Go watch SHERLOCK.]

Made in Jersey:

While yawning, let me tell you about the plot of Made in Jersey. This show is about a young, hard-working female lawyer who competes with her colleagues by using her sass and resourcefulness. It sounds oddly similar to the plot of “Single Female Lawyer” from Futurama.

Here is the full schedule:


8:30-9:00 PM PARTNERS
9:00-9:30 PM 2 BROKE GIRLS
9:30-10:00 PM MIKE & MOLLY
10:00-11:00 PM HAWAII FIVE-0


8:00-9:00 PM NCIS
10:00-11:00 PM VEGAS


8:00-9:00 PM SURVIVOR


10:00-11:00 PM ELEMENTARY


8:00-9:00 PM CSI: NY
9:00-10:00 PM MADE IN JERSEY
10:00-11:00 PM BLUE BLOODS


10:00-11:00 PM 48 HOURS MYSTERY


7:00-8:00 PM 60 MINUTES
9:00-10:00 PM THE GOOD WIFE
10:00-11:00 PM THE MENTALIST




An unlikely group sets out to save the world after a fifteen year blackout. It sounds like it could be good, but it is unlikely.

Go On:

This show stars Matthew Perry as a cocky sportscaster. I actually am intrigued by this. I may give it a shot.

Good luck, Chandler. Eighth time’s a charm or something like that. Anyone else tired of feeling sorry for him?

Chicago Fire:

A thrilling drama about firefighters and their lives and troubles in Chicago. Since Dick Wolf will be producing this one, I will be watching it.


Animal Practice:

A veterinary Scrubs? This show seems like it could be funny. There is a monkey, which is enough to make me see at least two episodes.

Me too.[/caption]

Guys With Kids:

Ah, the age-old funny story… giving a man a baby. How will they remain cool? How will they continue their love life? How will they juggle video games and feeding their children? I am bored.

Nope. I dislike children and their playthings.

Here is the full schedule:


8 p.m. — “The Voice”
10 p.m. — “Revolution”


8 p.m. — “The Voice”
9 p.m. — “Go On”
9:30 p.m. — “The New Normal”
10 p.m. — “Parenthood”


8 p.m. — “Animal Practice”
8:30 p.m.— “Guys With Kids”
9 p.m. — “Law & Order: SVU”
10 p.m. — “Chicago Fire”


8 p.m. — “30 Rock”
8:30 p.m. — “Up All Night”
9 p.m. — “The Office”
9:30 p.m. — “Parks and Recreation”
10 p.m. — “Rock Center with Brian Williams”


8 p.m. — “Whitney”
8:30 p.m. — “Community”
9 p.m. — “Grimm”
10 p.m. — “Dateline NBC”


— Reruns


7 p.m. — “Football Night in America”
8:15 p.m. — “NBC Sunday Night Football”

SUNDAY (after football season)

8 p.m. — “Dateline NBC”
8:30 p.m. — “Fashion Star”
9 p.m. — “Celebrity Apprentice”
10 p.m. — “Do No Harm”


CBS Greenlights Pilot From Louis CK and One of the ‘Seinfeld’ Writers…

I’m going to level with you, I haven’t turned my television on in over a year. This means I’m a little out of touch with the state of television these days, but from what I can gather on their website, CBS is now entirely made up of identical cop dramas and formulaic sitcoms. Also whatever the hell this is.

A Pitbull song in the trailer is TV Short-hand for “This is our Jersey Shore”

It’s not the most refined place for quality programming is what I’m saying. So it may come as a surprise to you to know that CBS just approved a pilot from Louis C.K. and Spike Feresten, two writers from critically acclaimed shows (‘Louie’ and ‘Seinfeld’, respectively). Deadline‘s report included a general idea of what the show will be:

CBS’s [sic] has greenlighted to pilot an untitled multi-camera comedy written by Louis CK and Spike Feresten, about an ensemble of young people trying to achieve their creative dreams in these tough financial times.

The show was actually pitched 13 years ago by the two comedy writers under the name Boomtown. At the time, it would have starred Louis C.K. and centred around him and his friends. However C.K. and Feresten have rewritten the script, likely with Louis C.K. out of the lead role, and the new show will finally get a chance.

How directly Louis C.K. will be involved in this new show remains to be seen, which is the main point of interest for me. He is currently enjoying the success of his latest stand-up special, Live at the Beacon Theatre, though he won’t be taking time to rest; Louis has been breaking the comedy mold in the past few years by throwing away all his material each year and starting again from scratch. On top of that he also serves as star, producer, director, editor and sole writer of the hit FX show Louie. I imagine this leaves little time to nurture a brand new show, but there’s nothing I’d rather see on TV than more Louis C.K.

CBS Orders New ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Pilot…Terrible.

So the bane of my existence America’s #1 Network – CBS is planning a new modern-day ‘Sherlock Holmes’ show called Elementary. This announcement comes after they approached the BBC and Sherlock show runners about remaking the British masterpiece, and being denied. This has led to their announcement ruffling the feathers of the Brits a bit, as I’m sure they don’t want to see their show bastardized, which CBS would surely do.

These statements came from Sherlock executive producer Sue Vertue‘s Twitter:

Exec. Producers Sue Vertue and her husband (Dr. Who scribe) Steven Moffat.

We understand that CBS are doing their own version of an updated Sherlock Holmes. It’s interesting, as they approached us a while back about remaking our show.

At the time, they made great assurances about their integrity, so we have to assume that their modernised Sherlock Holmes doesn’t resemble ours in any way, as that would be extremely worrying.

We are very proud of our show and like any proud parent, will protect the interest and wellbeing of our offspring.

Continue reading CBS Orders New ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Pilot…Terrible.

NBC’s “Community” Season 3 – John Goodman and Michael K. Williams

For me, there are only 3 shows that can vie for the title of “Funniest Show on Network TV” – ABC’s Modern Family, and then NBC shows Parks and Rec and Community. Lucky for me these 3 shows are not in direct competition. Modern Family owns its Wednesday night spot, and Parks and Rec finally got some attention in its 3rd season. Community, which is actually my favorite of the 3, is constantly overshadowed in the weekly ratings race by CBS’s cookie-cutter sitcom Big Bang Theory. Disgusting.

This is the banner the cast was welcomed back to at the start of the 3rd Season Shoot.

 And for something that isn’t disgusting though, here is Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs


The news of the day is casting additions for the 3rd season. Namely – John Goodman and <a href="http://www.imdb.com